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Powerball Power Play
Powerball Power Play Results
Draw Date: 01/25/2012
Past Draws
Official Rules and Payouts
Millionaires Club
Millionaires Club Results
Draw Date: 12/26/2014 PAID: $25 MM
16 - 17 - 25 - 31 - 51 » 22
Past Draws
Official Rules and Payouts
Mega-Millions Megaplier
Mega-Millions Megaplier Results
Draw Date: 10/02/2015
Past Draws
Official Rules and Payouts
MD-Multi Match
Multi Match Results
Draw Date: 05/26/2016 PAID: $0.55 MM
13 - 17 - 20 - 33 - 37 - 40
Past Draws
Official Rules and Payouts
Mega Millions
Mega Millions Results
Draw Date: 05/27/2016 PAID: $218 MM
18 - 41 - 50 - 68 - 70 » 9
Past Draws
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Evening Pick 3
Evening Pick 3 Results
Draw Date: 05/28/2016
6 - 3 - 7
Past Draws
Official Rules and Payouts
Evening Pick 4
Evening Pick 4 Results
Draw Date: 05/28/2016
8 - 9 - 6 - 9
Past Draws
Official Rules and Payouts
MD-Bonus Match 5
Bonus Match 5 Results
Draw Date: 05/28/2016
03 - 05 - 06 - 12 - 16 » 36
Past Draws
Official Rules and Payouts
Power Ball
Power Ball Results
Draw Date: 05/28/2016 PAID: $90 MM
06 - 33 - 34 - 58 - 59 » 12
Past Draws
Official Rules and Payouts
Midday Pick 3
Midday Pick 3 Results
Draw Date: 05/29/2016
3 - 2 - 3
Past Draws
Official Rules and Payouts
Midday Pick 4
Midday Pick 4 Results
Draw Date: 05/29/2016
0 - 0 - 0 - 6
Past Draws
Official Rules and Payouts
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Keno Sprinkler Promotion: May 23 through June 26
Maryland - 05/24/2016
?Keno Sprinkler gives you the chance to multiply your winnings! READ MORE

Top 40 Scratch-Offs – April 14, 2016
Maryland - 04/17/2016
Top 40 Scratch Offs READ MORE

Maintenance Man’s Vacation Fun Leads to $10,000 Scratch-off Win
Maryland - 03/18/2016
Vacation just got better for maintenance worker Edward Geiser. READ MORE

Maryland Man's Luck Strikes Twice - Win $10,000 Playing Powerball
Maryland - 03/05/2016
Luck has struck twice for a 61-year-old biologist from Maryland, who won $10,000 playing a POWERBALL Quick Pick in Delaware. READ MORE

Hanover Retailer Sells $50,000 Bonus Match 5 Ticket
Maryland - 02/13/2016
Did you play Bonus Match 5 on Thursday night? READ MORE

Rosedale Resident Pockets $50,000 Powerball Prize
Maryland - 01/09/2016
With Powerball’s top prize reaching spectacular heights, a jackpot game enthusiast from Rosedale was eager to check the numbers on his ticket after the Jan. 6 drawing. READ MORE

Diamond 7s Scratch-off Delivers $10,000 Prize
Maryland - 12/04/2015
A Carney resident’s holiday season started with a $10,000 surprise gift from the Maryland Lottery on Dec. 2. READ MORE

My Lottery Rewards: Enter to Win 2016 Redskins Season Tickets: Drawing 3 Winner Announced
Maryland - 11/07/2015
Win 2016 Redskins Home Game Season Tickets! READ MORE

Sleepless Hagerstown Caregiver Wide Awake Over Lottery Win
Maryland - 10/09/2015
After a difficult night spent working at a facility dedicated to the care of the handicapped, a Hagerstown woman decided to make one stop on her way home to dreamland. READ MORE

$50,000 Stat Fair Extravaganza: Your Chance to Win up to $10,000 - Winners Announced!
Maryland - 08/08/2015
Thirty (30) winners will be selected in a Preliminary Drawing to each win two Tickets plus a chance to participate in the Event at the Maryland State Fair. READ MORE

Lucky Winner Has Lottery Rebirth with Big Scratch-Off Win
Maryland - 07/09/2015
A Harford County man who recently resumed playing Lottery games after an extended hiatus didn’t have to wait long before finding good luck. READ MORE

$3.6 Million Multi-Match Jackpot-Winning Ticket Sold in Glen Burnie
Maryland - 06/11/2015
Oh, happy day, Multi-Match players! READ MORE

$50,000 Prize is Dream Come True for Dundalk Man
Maryland - 05/22/2015
Although he was excited after claiming a $50,000 prize in the Bingo Times 10 scratch-off game, the 62-year-old winner was not surprised. READ MORE

First Baseball Bucks Contestant of the Game Claims Prize
Maryland - 04/09/2015
Stephen Bowley from Gwynn Oak said he was delighted to be picked as the Contestant of the Game. READ MORE

District Heights Contractor in the Black with Black Scratch-off Win
Maryland - 03/05/2015
A District Heights man’s decision to make a random stop to buy a Maryland Lottery scratch-off put him well in the black, thanks to the $50,000 prize READ MORE

Powerball Delivers $10,000 Win to UPS Retiree
Maryland - 02/06/2015
A UPS retiree who is an avid Ravens fan thought his ticket to a major Maryland Lottery win would come in the form of a Ravens Cash Fantasy scratch-off. Think again! READ MORE

Top 40 Scratch-Offs - January 1, 2015
Maryland - 01/02/2015
TOP 40 SCRATCH-OFFS: Thursday, January 1, 2015 READ MORE

Santa Delivers $2.85 Million Multi-Match Jackpot Prize to Waldorf
Maryland - 12/26/2014
One lucky Lottery player received the best gift of all on Christmas by becoming Maryland’s newest multi-millionaire. READ MORE

Lucky Lady's Husband Shower Her with Green
Maryland - 11/20/2014
An Annapolis man has showered his wife with green – dollars, that is, after buying and scratching off a winning Maryland Lottery Emerald Riches instant ticket. READ MORE

Mechanic to Jump Start Home Repairs with Lottery Win
Maryland - 10/31/2014
A Hagerstown auto mechanic can jump start a much-needed home repair project after winning $50,000 playing the Maryland Lottery’s Lucky Millionaire scratch-off. READ MORE

7-Spot Keno Ticket Hits the Spot, Delivers $50,000 Win
Maryland - 10/03/2014
A 7-spot Keno play delivered a $50,000 win to a happy Harford County homemaker, whose love of the game is shared by her husband of more than 20 years. READ MORE

St. Mary's County Couple Unlocks Lottery Money Vault
Maryland - 09/06/2014
A St. Mary’s County couple successfully cracked open the Maryland Lottery’s Money Vault scratch-off and captured its top prize of $30,000. READ MORE

Lottery Scratch-off Dishes Out $10,000 Win to Budding Restaurateur
Maryland - 08/10/2014
A Baltimore woman is a step closer to achieving her dream of owning and operating a restaurant after winning $10,000 on a Maryland Lottery scratch-off. READ MORE

Baltimore Man Turns Horses into Gold
Maryland - 07/12/2014
The horses may not have come in for an avid Racetrax player today, but he still made it to the finish line with a $24,000 top prize on a 24 Karat Cash scratch-off ticket. READ MORE

Powerball Win Drives Car Crash Blues Away
Maryland - 07/04/2014
A worried Pennsylvania woman was in dire need of good news as she waited in a hospital emergency room, wondering how badly her father-in-law was injured in a car accident. READ MORE

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